Countries & Cultures: the experiences that inspired me

Venice, Italy

Venice, my hometown, is a small city with a big history; it is one of the first cultural melting pots in Europe.


Muang Khong, Thailand

I lived in village where my only way of communicating was learning Thai. There, I had the unique opportunity of truly understanding this very different culture.


Salamanca, Spain.

I moved here right after Thailand. This big change made me understand what "being flexible and versatile" really means.


Ottawa, Canada

In Canada I found a truly multicultural, positive and tolerant society. That helped me to survive the cold!


Bristol, UK

Bristol was my first glimpse of British culture. Only a few years later did I move to London.


Paris, France

Here I attended ESIT (Ecole supèrieure d'interprètes et traducteurs) and found an exciting, international entourage of people who shared my passion for languages and cultures.